Historical Summary

The Czech Anatomical Society, was established on basis of Czechoslovak Anatomical Society for the territory of the new Czech Republic. The Czechoslovak Anatomical Society was founded in 1950, when it was separated from the Czechosloval Biological Society, whose roots go back to the time when J.E.Purkynje taught at Charles University in Prague (1850 to 1869). In 1854 Purkynje founded the first  Czech natural science journal „Ziva“ (Life). The Biological Society was an association of scientists from different biological fields. When more specialized Czechoslovak Anatomical Society was constituted, the members of its first presidncy were  Prof. F. K. Studnička, Prof. J. Wolf and prof. L. Borovanský of Charles University, Prague, and Prof. I. Staněk of Comenius University, Bratislava.

Prof. L. Borovanský was president up to 1965, and was succeded by Prof. Klika (Prague), Prof. J. Slípka (Pilsen), Prof. P. Petrovický (Prague) nad Assoc. Prof. J. Kočová (Plzeň).  The Anatomical Society published the independent international journal „Folia Morphologica“, since 1991 under the new name „Functional and Developmental Morphology. This Journal stopped 1993 (from financial reasons).

The Czech Anatomical Society is active not only in field of morphology as a science, but also  with its teaching and with clinical medicine (establishment of the Clinical Anatomy Section corresponding to the separate Societies for Clinical anatomy in other countries ).