Czech Anatomical Society

CAS Award - Conditions

Czech Anatomical Society


EXBIO Praha, a.s.


for the best original scientific publication

in Anatomy, Histology, Embryology and Cell Biology.

 The award is a periodic public competition with the aim to stimulate the young researchers, and thus contribute to the development of the particular research areas.

 The winner receives a diploma and voucher for products offered by EXBIO Praha, a.s.

Statute of the award

  1. Eligible competitors are citizens of the Czech Republic or foreign nationals, whose work was wholly or in a major part executed on any morphological workplace in the Czech Republic.

  2. The age limit is 35 years in the calendar year of the award.

  3. The paper must be published in a peer-reviewed journal in the year of award or the preceding year.

  4. If the paper represents a team work, the nominee must be either the lead or corresponding author. The co-authors must express, in writing, their agreement with the nomination of the paper for competition and its conditions. If there are more eligible authors in the team according to Articles 1 and 2 of this status, the award could be made to all who are eligible.

  5. The paper should be submitted in the form of a PDF file to the address of the scientific secretary of the society by May 31 at the latest for the current award year. The nomination for the CAS award precludes nomination of the Czech Histochemical Society Award.

  6. Articles 1, 2 and 4 must be demonstrated in the cover letter in a trustworthy way. The cover letter shall also include the professional CV of the author(s) applying for the award.

  7. The Winner(s) will be decided three weeks prior to the beginning of the annual meeting by the Executive Committee upon the recommendation of the 5 members of the scientific advisory board appointed by the Committee and EXBIO Praha, a.s. One of the members is the scientific secretary, who is also the chair of this board. The board, or the Executive Committee, may call for an independent evaluation by an external reviewer. The award will not be made if there is only a single contestant.

  8. The winner will be notified in writing within two weeks prior to the beginning of the annual meeting, where he/she will receive the award and present the work in a lecture format.

  9. Submitting the work into competition does not constitute any legal right to receiving the award. The submitted material(s) will not be returned.